These are my recorded mixes as DJ Sicks By Proxy. In these sets, I put a lot of effort to make them into art, using beautiful transitions, live mashups, and building up an emotional story from the beginning to the end. Each mix has a completely different theme and tone. 


Sunsets are the best. The gradient colors exploding in the sky when the sun sinks into the land puts me in a state of rapturous awe and calmness at the same time. When it sinks fully and the sky turns dark purple, I’m met with a slight feeling of loneliness; that something awesome just ended. But I enjoy that blissful woe. In this mix, I tried to capture all of those emotions of the sinking sun: awe, calmness, and blissful woe. Enjoy!

The Sunshine Mix

I don’t have a religion. But if we think of God = Love, then I believe anything you create for someone or something that you love, is a form of prayer. Most of my mixes were made for someone specific in mind, or of emotions I felt, and so I consider them my personal form of artistic prayer. The Sunshine Mix was made for my girlfriend, who fought a painful battle with cancer in her neck and won. She dealt with chemo therapy and radiation, and lost all her hair at the age of 20, yet she remained as bright as ever (She doesn’t call herself “sunshine” for nothing!). This mix employs melancholic, yet hopeful tracks and transitions to empathize with the pain of dealing with the thought of death, while comforting her to always remain cheerful. Like sunshine.

House Music and a Half

House Music and a Half is a competition mix for Burn Residency 2014. It helped get me to nationals, placing me at the Top 10 DJs of Japan, amongst thousands. I squeezed many of my most prized transitions and tracks in there to make it exciting and euphoric from start to finish.

Boss Level

Boss Level is the answer to: “What does a 40 minute electronic rendition of all the boss battles in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sound like to a basehead?” Heavy big-house bass, jungle terror, with a bunch of absurdly long build-up tracks makes this one of my most powerful mixes.



Water is named after the water stage area of Ageha, Japan’s biggest club. I was excited to perform maintime at one of the best clubs in Asia, so I spent two weeks creating my version of what a feel-good Ibiza house mix would sound like: there’s always a beat going. Near the end, I had fun with the mix and went into my old styles, using some of the transitions found in “House Music and a Half “and “Sicks Mix”.

Halloween Monsta Mix

Halloween sets are my favorite. Everyone’s dressed up in costumes, drinking, and ready to rage to creepy songs they usually wouldn’t like. It’s the season when a DJ can get the most experimental. This mini mix covers all the creepy Halloween house and dubstep songs I love to spin every year.

Last August U Rolled Ass (with me)

As mentioned in “The Sunshine Mix,” I consider my mixes as a personal form of artistic prayer – an offering – to someone I love. Last August U Rolled Ass (with me) was made for an ex-girlfriend, when we were dating. We bonded strongly through electronic music, and I wanted to make something blissful, powerful, yet gentle for her to listen to. This mix was made in 2011 and only features 4 songs, but it includes my most soulful transitions to date.


Sicks Mix

The first mix I ever made. After DJing at college parties, I wanted to get my feet wet with real clubs. Back then, I thought even if I got to DJ at a club just once, I would call it a success. I cold-called a few clubs and sent them Sicks Mix. Who knew this mix would later lead to a year long residency at at the busiest club in Roppongi at that time. Being my first mix, what it lacks in sleekness it makes up in creativity.