What I’m doing right now

This is a /Now page. It lists what I’m focused on at this period of my life. I update it all the time.

I’m currently:

  • focusing on Unity 3D with the end goal of creating a interactive VR adventure for this song.
  • Made Global Creations, and we’re looking for new international clients that need help in localization event marketing in the Japanese market. (Some of our clients include Tinder and A/X. Let me know if you’re interested in growing your brand in Japan )
  • designing and directing the iOS app for Street Academy, an online platform for finding local private lessons.

Things I want to do:

  • Riding a motorcycle across Bali or Vietnam maybe in January or February 2016.

Past NOWs:

  • making a chat bot for Slack in order to get better at asynchronous programming, and backend coding in general. It’s a chatbot that let’s you ask “where is @name_here” and will checks their Google Cal for you.  Stopped developing it to focus on VR and 3D. Also, because I don’t see myself working on bots in the years to come.
  • playing with casper.js to automate sending PDF directions to Airbnb guests. I occasionally send the wrong one, and it results in chaos, lost profit, and lots of apologies. Focusing on VR and 3D, and I don’t like mixing languages that I’m working on. Only C sharp for now.

Last updated: 8/26/2016